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Sample Childcare Contract
Thank you to Noah's Ark daycare Provo, Utah for the sample child care contract.

Please feel free to use and adapt  this sample child care contract  according to your needs. This contract is provided as a guide and is in no way intended to replace legal counsel. If you have specific legal questions about your day care contract, please consult your legal advisor.

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Full Name of Child _________________________________________ Date of Birth ______________

Date of Enrollment ___________________
Home Phone Number______________________________

HomeAddress ____________________________________________________________________

Mother / Guardian Full Name _______________________________________________________________

Drivers License number______________________________ SSN______________________________

Home Address________________________________________Home Phone_____________________

E-Mail address_______________________________________________________________________

Work Address ____________________________________________ Work Phone _________________

Place of Employment___________________________________________________________________

Father / Guardian Full Name ________________________________________________________________

Drivers License number_____________________________SSN________________________________

Home Address_________________________________________   Home Phone___________________

E-Mail address________________________________________________________________________

Work Address ____________________________________________ Work Phone _________________

Place of Employment____________________________________________________________________

Child Lives With:            Mother_________   Father__________   Both__________   Other___________

Name of responsible person(s) who can be contacted if parent / guardian cannot be reached and who are authorized to pick up child from the day care home.

Name __________________________Relationship to Child_________________ Phone ______________________

Name _________________________ Relationship to Child__________________ Phone ______________________


The weekly rate is $XX.XX per child, per week. ($XXX for 2 children + discount for added siblings) This is a flat rate and stays the same amount regardless of attendance or hours. 

All payments are due in advance.  Payment is due in full each Friday in advance for the following week (unless special arrangements are made). (See below).

Special arrangements (if any) _______________________________________________________________________________

 There is a late fee of $10.00 per day added for each day that payment is late (up to 30 days).

 Payment is due by 6:00 p.m. each Friday.  At 6:01 p.m. payment is late and the late fee will be added.  It will be added at 6:01 p.m. each day thereafter.

 Children may not attend the day care unless FULL payment and ALL late fees have been paid up to date. THERE ARE ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE.

 Partial payment is not acceptable.

 Persistent late payments are grounds for termination of child care.  Child care positions will be lost after two weeks of non-payment. (late fees will still accrue until the account is paid in full).

 Clients are responsible to pay for all late payments, late fees and two weeks notice even after termination of child care.  Clients will also be held responsible for all court, attorney and collection agency fees involved in collection of late payments,  late fees and two weeks notice.

If your childcare account remains unpaid for any reason, be advised that your account will also be reported to ProviderWatch immediately. ProviderWatch is a national childcare credit reporting agency, especially for daycare providers to run checks on clients.  Many daycare providers in (YOUR STATE) now use this service. Your delinquent account being reported to ProviderWatch will likely make it more difficult for you to find childcare providers willing to accept your children until any such accounts have been reported paid in full.
You may contact ProviderWatch if any childcare provider informs you that their decision not to accept your children is based in whole or in part on information received from this agency.
ProviderWatch will disclose any delinquent account information on record so that you may resolve those accounts. 866-267-3691 

 Checks will be accepted only if they are from a local bank.

If more than two checks are returned unpaid, only cash will be accepted from then on.

There is a minimum $35.00 fee for returned checks (see handbook)


The day care is open from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. You may use any or all of these hours.  The day care is CLOSED at 6:00 p.m.  After 6:00 p.m. late charges will be added at the rate of $5.00 for every fifteen minutes, added at the BEGINNING of each quarter hour.  At 6:01 p.m. you are late!  All times in and out are taken from the clock at the day care.
The day care will be closed on all major holidays and notification will be given well in advance of any other closed days, such as personal vacation time etc.  It is the parent’s responsibility to find alternate care if needed during those times.

Please call and let us know by 9:00 a.m. if your child will be late or absent for the day.  This helps us know how many students to plan for at lunch, activities etc.


Sick children may not attend day care.  This is a state regulation.  Sick children make the other children sick too.  “Sick”, according to the regulations is any child that may be running a fever, has a rash, unexplained symptoms, or who appears to be less that healthy.  It is up to the day care provider to decide if a child is too sick to be at day care.  If a child becomes ill at day care, the parents will be notified and expected to pick up the child.  Ill children will be isolated from the rest of the children. 


Ten days vacation time will be given per year to full time clients. No payment is due for these days off upon at least one-week notice.  Vacation time will be pro-rated the first year depending on the month of enrollment. (See below)  After that, the ten days are to be taken between January and December of the same year.  There will be no “roll-overs” to the following year.

First year vacation time is ______ days.    


The children are free to bring toys to day care if they wish.  However our rule is, “If you bring it, you share it”.  The child must be prepared to share the items they bring and let the other children play with them.  If the toy is delicate or of great sentimental value, please do not bring it to day care.  We will not be held responsible for toys that get broken when brought to day care. The children are supervised consistently, but accidents happen and toys break.  Children bring toys at their own risk.


Nap time is after lunch.  ALL children are expected to respect this “quiet time”.  The children need this rest time and we need the quiet time to be able to clean up and prepare for the afternoon’s activities, catch up on paperwork etc.  Please be reminded that we do not get “breaks” and “lunch breaks” as in other jobs!  Nap time is our only time to relax a little in a 12+ hour workday!    Parents are discouraged from visiting during nap time unless the child is being picked up for the day.  It is very disruptive to the other resting children.  They do not understand why one child can get up and play and yet others have to have quiet time.


Unfortunately, homemade goodies cannot be brought from home.  This is a state regulation.  If you wish to send treats with your child to share for special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, the child’s birthday’s etc., the items must be commercially prepared and individually wrapped.
PLEASE!!…NO GUM IS ALLOWED AT DAY CARE!!  It is a choking hazard. It also gets into carpet and on to furniture and children have this horrible tendency to “share it”!


Small repairs and accidents go with the territory when running a day care facility.  However, parents / guardians will be held financially responsible for damages that cannot be classed as accident or fair wear and tear.  (Such as deliberate breaking of toys, poking holes in furniture etc).


Two full weeks advance notice in writing is required to drop your child from the day care facility.  Payment is required for these two weeks even if the child is not here. 
  reserves the right to terminate this contract for any reason.  Two weeks notice will be given under usual circumstances.  However we reserve the right to immediate termination of services under certain circumstances.  (i.e. children who are a threat to others, non-payment etc..)

As required by the state, the following regulations are in force at this day care facility.

Health of the Provider.
Each person working in the facility must be in good health with no communicable diseases.
Provider must complete a health history questionnaire for the state and obtain appropriate results from a TB test.

Children’s Health.
All children must have a complete health evaluation form and up to date immunizations before enrollment in the day care facility. See contract for policy on sick children.

Use of Tobacco, Alcohol and Illegal Substances.
Use of the above items is prohibited in the day care facility at all times for both the provider and parents of the children.

Children will be under direct supervision at all times.
Children will be checked on every 20 minutes while sleeping.
Children under the age of 4 will be personally supervised while in the bathroom.
Children older then the age of 4 will be reminded and asked about toilet flushing and hand washing.

Infection Control.
Provider and all children will practice good hand washing habits. Hand washing is required after using the bathroom and before and after handling food. Paper towels and liquid soap will be accessible in the bathroom.

Child Discipline.
Time out is the method of discipline used in the day care facility. (One minute per age of child.)
We are happy to discuss this with you and to reinforce any methods you may use at home such as a reward system etc.

Food Service.
This day care participates in the USDA food program. Meals meet the requirements set by the USDA.

 Emergency and Disaster Planning.
This day care has an emergency plan on file.


(Parent / Guardian) _____________________________________________________ Date ______

(Parent/Guardian) ______________________________________________________Date ______